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Georgia PGA
Shorts Policy


Eligibility:  Open to Georgia PGA Members & Apprentices in Good Standing...Amateurs & Non-PGA Professionals are NOT eligible for the Hole-in-One Club.  This is a one time fee for the year.

Rules: Hole-in-Ones will only be honored to those that are made in the following events.

GPGA Match Play Championship, Milton Martin Honda Classic, Atlanta Open, The Championship @ Berkeley Hills, Georgia Open, GPGA Championship, GPGA Professional Championship (PNC).  Pro-Pro Scramble, Pro-Assistant Championship, Pro-Pro Championship (for these events the individual making the hole-in-one must be registered in the Hole-in-One Club).

Awards:  Prize money will be paid out at the end of the 2018 Tournament Season.  If there are more then one (1) hole in one the money will be split.


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Georgia PGA Tournament Schedule

2010 - 2011 Central Chapter
Central Chapter
East Chapter
North Chapter
Tour Qualifiers


Date(s) Tournament Online Registration Results
01/08/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Stone Creek GC   View Results
01/15/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Doublegate CC   View Results
01/15/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at King and Prince GC   View Results
01/21/2018 - 01/22/2018 Kinderlou Forest Senior Classic   View Results
01/22/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Valdosta CC   View Results
01/29/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Southern Hills   View Results
02/05/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ CC of Columbus   View Results
02/05/2018 PAT @ Doublegate CC    
02/12/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Idle Hour   View Results
02/12/2018 East Chapter Pro-Pro Scramble at Brunswick CC    
02/19/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Houston Lake   View Results
02/19/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at The Club at Savannah Harbor    
02/19/2018 - 02/20/2018 Ed Everett Senior Classic   View Results
02/26/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Sunset CC   View Results
02/26/2018 PAT @ Crosswinds GC    
03/05/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ River Forrest   View Results
03/05/2018 North Chapter 3-Pro Scramble at Cartersville CC   View Results
03/06/2018 GPGA/GSGA Rules of Golf & Tournament Administration Workshop (7 Required MSR's)    
03/12/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Healy Point   View Results
03/12/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Savannah Quarters CC    
03/12/2018 - 03/13/2018 Southeast Senior Classic at Sanctuary Golf Club   View Results
03/19/2018 - 08/13/2018 Georgia PGA Match Play Championship   View Results
03/20/2018 Pro-Pro Scramble   View Results
03/26/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Spring Hill   View Results
03/26/2018 North Chapter Pro-Scratch @ Fox Creek/Legacy   View Results
03/26/2018 Savannah Golf Championship Open Qualifier    
04/02/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Green Island   View Results
04/02/2018 - 04/03/2018 Dan Parrish Senior Classic   View Results
04/02/2018 PAT @ West Pines GC    
04/05/2018 Mitsubishi Electric Championship Pre-Qualifier   View Results
04/09/2018 Central Chapter Dogfight @ Maple Ridge GC   View Results
04/09/2018 Mitsubishi Electric Championship Event Qualifier   View Results
04/16/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Sanctuary Golf Club    
04/16/2018 PAT @ Nob North GC    
04/24/2018 North Chapter Pro-Am @ The River Club   View Results
04/30/2018 - 05/01/2018 Yamaha Georgia Senior Open   View Results
05/07/2018 - 05/08/2018 Milton Martin Honda Clasic   View Results
05/14/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Sea Island GC (Retreat)    
05/14/2018 PAT @ The Orchard G&CC    
05/14/2018 - 05/15/2018 Red Dobbins Senior Classic   View Results
05/21/2018 Georgia PGA Sr-Jr Championship   View Results
06/04/2018 Yamaha Atlanta Open Pro-Am   View Results
06/05/2018 - 06/06/2018 Yamaha Atlanta Open   View Results
06/11/2018 East Chapter Championship at King and Prince GC    
06/18/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Forest Heights CC    
06/18/2018 - 06/19/2018 Lee-Weir Senior Classic   View Results
06/18/2018 PAT @ The Club at River Forest    
06/25/2018 - 06/26/2018 Georgia PGA Senior Championship (PNC)   View Results
07/09/2018 - 07/10/2018 Berkeley Hills Championship Presented by Bridgestone Golf/AHEAD   View Results
07/16/2018 - 07/17/2018 Georgia Women's Open   View Results
07/16/2018 PRO IV Georgia Open Qualifier @ Berkeley Hills   View Results
07/16/2018 PRO IV Georgia Open Qualifier @ Chattahoochee GC   View Results
07/20/2018 PRO IV Georgia Open Qualifier @ Doublegate CC   View Results
07/23/2018 - 07/24/2018 Bent Tree Senior Classic   View Results
07/23/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Sea Palms GC    
07/23/2018 PAT @ Achasta GC    
07/23/2018 PRO IV Georgia Open Qualifier @ Coosa CC   View Results
07/23/2018 PRO IV Georgia Open Qualifier @ Jennings Mill   View Results
07/25/2018 Pro IV Georgia Open Qualifier @ Savannah Quarters   View Results
07/30/2018 North Chapter Pro-Am @ The Standard Club    
07/30/2018 Pro IV Georgia Open 2nd Chance Qualifier @ Achasta GC   View Results
07/30/2018 Pro IV Georgia Open 2nd Chance Qualifier @ The Ford Plantation   View Results
08/01/2018 Pro IV Georgia Open Pro-Am    
08/02/2018 - 08/05/2018 Pro IV Georgia Open   View Results
08/13/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at The Landings Club    
08/20/2018 - 08/21/2018 Callaway Gardens Senior Classic   View Results
08/20/2018 Georgia PGA Assistant Championship    
08/27/2018 - 08/29/2018 E-Z-GO/CFF Georgia PGA Championship   View Results
09/04/2018 - 09/05/2018 Central Chapter Championship @ River Forest   View Results
09/10/2018 Club Car Pro-Assistant Championship    
09/10/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Savannah Country Club    
09/10/2018 - 07/31/2018 PAT @ Chestatee Golf Club    
09/17/2018 - 09/18/2018 The Orchard Senior Championship   View Results
09/24/2018 East Chapter Pro-Pro-Best Ball & Meeting at The Club at Osprey Cove Register for this Tournament  
10/01/2018 North Chapter Championship @ Barnsley Gardens Register for this Tournament  
10/01/2018 PAT @ Nob North GC    
10/08/2018 - 10/09/2018 Tour Championship Register for this Tournament  
10/15/2018 - 10/16/2018 Georgia PGA Professional Championship (PNC) Register for this Tournament  
10/21/2018 - 10/22/2018 Billy Peters Cup Matches    
10/22/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Crosswinds Golf Club Register for this Tournament  
10/22/2018 North Chapter Pro-Scratch @ Currahee Club Register for this Tournament  
10/22/2018 PAT @ Chattahoochee GC Register for this Tournament  
10/29/2018 North Chapter Pro-Pro @ Legacy on Lanier Register for this Tournament  
11/05/2018 East Chapter Pro-Am at Savannah Golf Club Register for this Tournament  
11/12/2018 E-Z-GO Pro-President-Superintendent-Club Official    
12/03/2018 - 12/04/2018 Pro-Pro Championship Register for this Tournament  
12/10/2018 PAT @ Doublegate CC Register for this Tournament