The Georgia PGA through their Foundation, PGA REACH Georgia, hired their 2023 PGA Works Fellow. Meet Robert (Robbie) Gregory III a recent graduate, and collegiate golfer, from HBCU Morehouse College in Atlanta. “As a collegiate golfer, it is my hope that throughout the fellowship I will be able to shine a spotlight on Historically Black Colleges and/or Universities and their golf programs…” says Gregory, a former Raleigh, NC resident.

Robbie was first introduced to the PGA Works at his first ever collegiate tournament at the 35th Annual HBCU Golf Invitational. Nearly four years later he says it is a dream come true to be coming on board with PGA REACH Georgia. He will continue with heading up the Georgia PGA Works Mentorship Program that was created by Destany Hall, the 2022 PGA Works Fellow of PGA REACH Georgia. She now is the Foundation Manager for the Texas Golf Association.

Robbie sees PGA Membership in his future with concentration in golf instruction or management. “I hope to further develop and advocate for the creation of a digital training studio to grow the game of golf by giving minorities and other underserved communities access to the same technology, data, and training equipment that PGA Tour Professionals have.”