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Salesperson of the Year Award

In recognition of your dedicated, generous and tireless support of the Georgia PGA. This award honors the golf salesperson in the Georgia Section for her/his outstanding service and dedication to the members and apprentices of the Georgia PGA.

2022 Coby Davis, PGA (Mizuno Golf)
2021 Dylan Murray (Club Car)
2020 Dan Janton (Bridgestone Golf)
2019 John Stephenson (Titleist)
2018 Tom Brown (Tom Brown Collection)
2017 Robert Dugger, PGA (E-Z-GO)
2016 Joey Dixon (AHEAD)
2015 John Stephenson (Titleist)
2014 J.P. Pignetti (FootJoy)
2013 Pat Higgins (Donald Ross)
2012 Wes Westmoreland (Titleist)
2011 Richard Warren (Yamaha)
2010 Bill Heubach (Divots Sportswear)
2009 Bill Doane (Monterey Club)
2008 Russell Miller (Club Car)
2007 Terry Traynor (Traynor Golf Collection)