The Georgia PGA is excited to announce a partnership with Fire Maker Brewing Company. The Atlanta based brewing company will be a Proud Partner of the Georgia PGA for the beer known as Calamity Jane – produced by Fire Maker Brewing. The agreement signed by Fire Maker Brewing Company Co-Owner, Elliott Hall, will bring a longtime partnership to the Georgia Section lasting through 2027.

“I grew up in Georgia playing golf with my family, and home brewing, so the idea of partnering with the Georgia PGA for our golf beer, Calamity Jane, is a dream come true,” says Hall. “After getting to know Scott, and the amazing crew at the Georgia PGA we couldn’t think of a more perfect match to help us grow Calamity Jane into the beer of golf in Georgia. At only 95 calories and a 4.2% ABV it’s light and crisp and the ideal choice while playing golf, watching golf, or just because you love golf.”

The agreement includes a co-branded label on the Calamity Jane can, highlighting the Georgia PGA as a Proud Partner. The Section will also be able to utilize the Fire Maker Brewery headquarters for at least one Georgia PGA function per year. Along with an annual financial commitment, the Georgia PGA will receive rebates based on all sales of the Calamity Jane beer produced by Fire Maker. The brewing company will also be at various Georgia PGA events throughout the year for on-site activation.

“We could not be more excited for our new partnership with Fire Maker Brewing,” said Georgia PGA CEO, Scott Geary. “This really is a no brainer as the partnership highlights Calamity Jane, a true golf beer inspired by Bobby Jones famous putter, as a Proud Partner of the Georgia PGA. Elliott and his team are creative, driven golf enthusiasts who will uniquely activate this partnership for our members. I cannot wait to see Calamity Jane become synonymous with golf in Georgia.”


Fire Maker Brewing Company is committed to people and the beers they want to drink. We exist to inspire others and celebrate their achievements. Our purpose is to Create a Spark through everything we do. The Calamity Jane Blonde Ale is a light bodied, straw colored ale fermented cool with a clean, neutral California ale yeast. Brewed with a simple malt base comprised mostly of Pilsner malt, this easy-drinking ale exhibits a soft, grainy sweetness. Taiheke hops, grown in New Zealand, provide mild lemon, lime, and grassy flavors. Calamity Jane is a classic example of balance and beauty, recalling the scents and scenery of a sunny afternoon on the golf course. CLICK HERE to view Fire Maker Brewery’s Website.