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Junior Tour Divisions & Yardages

Age Divisions and Yardages

The Georgia PGA Junior Tour is open to the following age divisions:

Boys 11-13  (5,600-6,100 yards)
Boys 14-15  (6,300-6,900 yards)
Boys 16-18  (6,300-6,900 yards)
Girls 11-14  (5,200-5,700 yards)
Girls 15-18  (5,600-6,100 yards)

All yardages are subject to change based on individual courses and the condition of each course.

The 14-15 and 16-18 Boys divisions will play from the same set of tees and are eligible to compete for the Overall Championship of a tournament. The Overall Girls Champion WILL ONLY come from the Girls 15-18 Division. If a younger girl would like to ‘play-up’, then they would be able to. One Boy and one Girl overall winner will be awarded. **If there are not enough girls in either of the divisions to satisfy JGS Rankings, then divisions may be combined to become the Overall Girls Division and will play from the same yardage.

Determining Age Divisions

A player’s age division is determined as of their age on the first day of each tournament. For example, a player who turns 16 on July 1st will play all events before July 1st in the 14-15-age division, and will be automatically moved to the 16-18 division after that date. If that player turns 16 on the first day of an event, he or she will be moved into the 16-18-age division for that event.

If a player changes ages in the middle of the season, their Player of the Year points for that age division will be lost and they will start fresh in his/her new age division. If a player does not want to lose his/her points, they may “play-up” a division at any point during the year. The request to declare to “play-up” must be made before the registration deadline of a tournament to be considered. Requests to declare to “play-up” will not be accepted once tee times are made for a tournament, and the player will have to wait until the next tournament in order to participate in an older age division.

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