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Junior Tour Divisions & Yardages

Age Divisions and Yardages

The Georgia PGA Junior Tour is open to the following age divisions:

Boys 11-13  (5,600-6,100 yards)
Boys 14-15  (6,300-6,900 yards)
Boys 16-18  (6,300-6,900 yards)
Girls 11-14  (5,200-5,700 yards)
Girls 15-18  (5,600-6,100 yards)

All yardages are subject to change based on individual courses and the condition of each course.

The 14-15 and 16-18 Boys divisions will play from the same set of tees and are eligible to compete for the Overall Championship of a tournament. The Overall Girls Champion WILL ONLY come from the Girls 15-18 Division. If a younger girl would like to ‘play-up’, then they would be able to. One Boy and one Girl overall winner will be awarded.

Determining Age Divisions

A player’s age division is determined as of their age on the first day of each tournament. For example, a player who turns 16 on July 1st will play all events before July 1st in the 14-15-age division, and will be automatically moved to the 16-18 division after that date. If that player turns 16 on the first day of an event, he or she will be moved into the 16-18-age division for that event.

If a player changes ages in the middle of the season, their Player of the Year points for that age division will be lost and they will start fresh in his/her new age division. If a player does not want to lose his/her points, they may “play-up” a division at any point during the year. The request to declare to “play-up” must be made before the registration deadline of a tournament to be considered. Requests to declare to “play-up” will not be accepted once tee times are made for a tournament, and the player will have to wait until the next tournament in order to participate in an older age division.

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