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Junior Tour Championship

The top players from each age division will play in a season ending Tour Championship. In addition, to the top players in each age division, any player who won an individual age division in any tournament, with an AVG score of 95 or below, will be invited to play even if they have changed age divisions throughout the year and have lost their points. That person will play in their new age division for the Tour Championship. Any player who would change age divisions after the last regular tournament will not lose their Player of the Year points and will play in the age division they competed in throughout the year in the Tour Championship. Player of the Year points are worth what the MAJOR Tournaments are awarded.

16-18 – Top 30
14-15 – Top 25
11-13 – Top 15

15-18 – Top 20
11-14 – Top 7

These numbers are subject to change if there are not enough players to fill each age division.

The Player of the Year Awards and Stroke Average Awards will be handed out at the Player of the Year Banquet on Sunday, December 11, 2022 at Fairway Social Alpharetta.

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