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Pro-Pro Scramble
Achasta Golf Club
Dahlonega, GA
March 20, 2018


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Open to Georgia PGA Members (except Class F, IN and A-3's)and registered apprentice in good standing with the Georgia PGA. 

Those player's below may NOT form a team together.

1. Top 5 on the 2017 Seniors Division points list 
Anderson, Mark
Elkins, Danny
Mason, James
Skinner, Sonny
Stevens, Craig

2. Top 5 on the 2017 Assistants' points list 
Griffin, J.P.
Merriman, Dan
Nicol, Chris
Tilton, Jacob
Wagoner, Gus

3. Top 25 on the 2017 Georgia PGA Team Point List:
Cartwright, Chris
Claxton, Paul
Cordes, Anthony
Dixon, Brian
Elkins,, Danny
Finemore, Joe
Gibbs, Kevin
Griffin, J.P.
Hassell, Bill
Jones, Peter
Keppler, Stephen
Koch, Shawn
Martin, Justin
Mason, James
McCain, Seth
Nicol, Chris
Ormsby, Todd
Owen, Kyle
Perno, Donn
Sanders, Matthew
Skinner, Sonny
Smith, Hank
Stevens, Craig
Wagoner, Gus
Weinhart, Tim