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Atlanta National

Savannah Golf Championship Open Qualifier
March 26, 2018
 Landings Club (Oakridge & Palmetto Course)

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Georgia PGA is NOT responsible for rejected credit cards 


The Entry Deadline date for amateurs, non-amatuer's, non-PGA TOUR/ Tour Professionals and PGA of America Professionals is Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 5:00 pm EST. 

The entry deadline date for PGA TOUR/ Tour members is Friday, March 23, 2018 at 5:00 pm EST. 

Oakridge Golf Shop: 912-598-2540
Palmetto Golf Shop: 912-598-2535

Oakridge Adams III, Frank   Palmetto Adamonis, Brad
Oakridge Adams, Garrett   Palmetto Aylwin, Kevin
Oakridge Alread, Michael   Palmetto Ball, Adam
Oakridge Andrews, Bo   Palmetto Barron, Derek
Oakridge Arrington, Bradley   Palmetto Bartlett, Spencer (a)
Oakridge Barreras, Austin   Palmetto Bartol, James
Oakridge Bass, Steve   Palmetto Beaufils, Raymond
Oakridge Blickle, Alex   Palmetto Benjamin, Brad
Oakridge Brehm, Ryan   Palmetto Bershad, Benjamin
Oakridge Brock, Joshua   Palmetto Bettencourt, Matt
Oakridge Brunner, Brad   Palmetto Boteler, Wade
Oakridge Burton, Kelby   Palmetto Buckley, Max
Oakridge Chan, Lorens   Palmetto Bunch, Blaine
Oakridge Chancey, Chad   Palmetto Buttacavoli, Michael
Oakridge Chitwood, Ryan   Palmetto Caldwell, Zach
Oakridge Churchill-Smith, Brian   Palmetto Campbell, Brian
Oakridge Coats, Jonathon   Palmetto Carpenter, Ryan
Oakridge Cole, Preston   Palmetto Caudill, Drew
Oakridge Cole, Spencer   Palmetto Chambers, Andrew (a)
Oakridge Cone, Trevor   Palmetto Coffey, Jacob
Oakridge Constable, Donald   Palmetto Collura, David
Oakridge Convery, Shane   Palmetto Daniel, Lance
Oakridge Cox, Chad   Palmetto Darsie, Reed
Oakridge Crawford, Christopher   Palmetto Davis, Taylor
Oakridge Crocker, Sean   Palmetto Dickson, Taylor
Oakridge Crouch, AJ (a)   Palmetto Dornes, JD
Oakridge Crouch, TT   Palmetto Eberhardt, Nick
Oakridge Curren, Bradford   Palmetto Edmondson, Zachary
Oakridge Curtis, Thomas   Palmetto Fox, Bryan
Oakridge Czuchry, Drew   Palmetto Foy, Michael
Oakridge Davenport, Riley   Palmetto Fritsch, Brad
Oakridge Davis, Cameron   Palmetto Funk, Taylor
Oakridge Davis, Nathan   Palmetto Gazzolo, David
Oakridge Davis, Riley   Palmetto Gerber, John
Oakridge Deason, Chip   Palmetto Gillam, Jimmy
Oakridge Devault, Jace   Palmetto Gove, Jeff
Oakridge Diroff, Vincent   Palmetto Guglielmo, Chris
Oakridge Estes, Justin   Palmetto Gupta, Abhay (a)
Oakridge Figgis, Tyler   Palmetto Hall, Kevin
Oakridge Fischer, Brody   Palmetto Haug, Philip (a)
Oakridge French, Preston   Palmetto Hayes, Bo
Oakridge Fujikawa, Tadd   Palmetto Henderson, Paul
Oakridge Fulford, Spence   Palmetto Hickey, Glen
Oakridge Gain, Andrew   Palmetto Hilgers, David
Oakridge Gainey, Tommy   Palmetto Hirata, Chris (a)
Oakridge Gandy, Seth   Palmetto Ho, Collin
Oakridge Gardner, Anthony R   Palmetto Hoey, Rico
Oakridge George, Aaron   Palmetto Howell, Bryce
Oakridge Gibbs, John   Palmetto Huge, Maclain
Oakridge Gonzales, Andres   Palmetto Hughes, Brian
Oakridge Graboyes, Luke   Palmetto Huntly, Hamish (a)
Oakridge Grant, Stephen   Palmetto Ihm, Steven
Oakridge Gregson, Mitchell   Palmetto Johnson, Jake
Oakridge Griffin, JT   Palmetto Jones, Will
Oakridge Griz, Jonathan (a)   Palmetto Keagle, Riley
Oakridge Guy, Robert   Palmetto Kennedy, Troy
      Palmetto Kleynenberg, Austin
Oakridge Hamrick, Hunter   Palmetto Kountakis, Emmanuel
Oakridge Heazel, Jackson   Palmetto Kronberg, Ross
Oakridge Hendrickson, Phil   Palmetto Langhoff, John
Oakridge Hicks, Justin   Palmetto Leake, Chris
Oakridge Hopke, Wehman   Palmetto LeBrun, Steve
Oakridge Jacklin, Sean   Palmetto Lee, Ben
Oakridge Jenkins, Carter   Palmetto Lee, Junhak
Oakridge Kelpin, Barrett   Palmetto Lee, Tain
Oakridge Kennedy, Blake   Palmetto Lescalleet, Adam
Oakridge Kim, Sunny   Palmetto Letson, Doug
Oakridge Kishigian, Ben   Palmetto Lucas, Kevin
Oakridge Knox, Chase (a)   Palmetto MacWhinnie, Bobby
Oakridge Kong, Rasmey (a)   Palmetto Maguire, Jack
Oakridge Kroustalis, Nick   Palmetto Martinson, Justin
Oakridge Lacey, Andre   Palmetto Mazza, Marc
Oakridge Langdon, Patrick   Palmetto McCain, Andrew
Oakridge Larson, Jesse   Palmetto McClellan, Luke
Oakridge Latimer, Nick   Palmetto McCormick, Duncan
Oakridge Ledford, Bryce   Palmetto McCormick, Ryan
Oakridge Lewis, Ben   Palmetto McCumber, Tyler
Oakridge Light, Tyler   Palmetto McLoughlin, Eamonn
Oakridge Livingston, Matthew   Palmetto Melton, Brett
Oakridge Luker, Jonathan   Palmetto Mierzejewski, Matthew
Oakridge Lundy, Patrick   Palmetto Milam, Judson
Oakridge Mark, Sebastian   Palmetto Miles, Jonathan
Oakridge Matheny, Weston   Palmetto Miller, Brad
Oakridge Mathis, David   Palmetto Miller, Michael
Oakridge Mauchaza, Nyasha   Palmetto Mitchell, TJ
Oakridge McClung, Mac   Palmetto Mollica, Phillip
Oakridge McCurdy, Will   Palmetto Narramore, Chas
Oakridge McGreevy, Max   Palmetto NeSmith, Matthew
Oakridge McLuen, Jay   Palmetto Niebrugge, Jordan
Oakridge Mihai, Alexandru (a)   Palmetto Nolasco, Matt
Oakridge Mondy, Jake   Palmetto Novak, Andrew
Oakridge Morris, Aj   Palmetto O'Connell, Kevin (a)
Oakridge Morris, Blake   Palmetto O'Neal, Josh
Oakridge Morrison, Austin   Palmetto Ochoa, Danny
Oakridge Murray, Michael   Palmetto Olson, Blake
Oakridge Muscarello, Christian   Palmetto Oneal, Tim
Oakridge Naegel, Chris   Palmetto Oshrine, Matthew
      Palmetto Overholt, Rodric
Oakridge Nead, Cole (a)   Palmetto Paolini, Brinson
Oakridge Nelson, Stephen   Palmetto Paolucci, Anthony
Oakridge Newman, Jack   Palmetto Peaper, Brant
Oakridge O'Toole, Cody   Palmetto Portz, Clayton
Oakridge Obremski, Daniel   Palmetto Price, Parks
Oakridge ONeill, Chris   Palmetto Proveaux, Cody
Oakridge Orozco, Manuel   Palmetto Purrington, Mark
Oakridge Pandelena, Nicholas   Palmetto Reed, Curtis
Oakridge Parker, Chase   Palmetto Reese, Dalton
Oakridge Perry, Drew   Palmetto Reilly, Greg
Oakridge Perry, Matthew   Palmetto Robinson, Dakota
Oakridge Pieper, Jonathan (a)   Palmetto Ross, James
Oakridge Pope, Andy   Palmetto Ruiz, Jonathan
Oakridge Price, Aron   Palmetto Rust, Dillon
Oakridge Ridings, Taggart   Palmetto Schaff, Tommy
Oakridge Robbins, Matt   Palmetto Schneider, Brad
Oakridge Roberto, Justin   Palmetto Scott, Jake
Oakridge Roe, Travis   Palmetto Sharp, Brady
Oakridge Russell, Eric   Palmetto Shiels, Cameron (a)
Oakridge Seabolt, Zach   Palmetto Short, Matthew
Oakridge Seiffert, Chase   Palmetto Sigg, Greyson
Oakridge Shelton, Robby   Palmetto Sindelar, Jamison
Oakridge Sill, Brad   Palmetto Singh, Adrian
Oakridge Silvers, Mark   Palmetto Smith, Garland
Oakridge Smith, Trevor   Palmetto Smith, Jesse
Oakridge Springer, Jerry   Palmetto Smith, Ted
Oakridge Stamey, Nathan   Palmetto Stanger, Jimmy
Oakridge Starke, Will   Palmetto Suber, Jackson (a)
Oakridge Stewart, Hunter   Palmetto Sullivan, David
Oakridge Stovash, Ryan   Palmetto Sundstrom, Jonathan (a)
Oakridge Stringfellow, Daniel   Palmetto Swift, CJ
Oakridge Stuart, Justin (a)   Palmetto Vitiello, Pete
Oakridge Sullivan, Ryan   Palmetto Walthouse, Billy
Oakridge Thomas, Stuart   Palmetto Waters, Barrett
Oakridge Thorne, Brad   Palmetto Weaver, Drew
Oakridge Tryon, Ty   Palmetto Weber, Sam
Oakridge Twamley, Trenton (a)   Palmetto Wiatr, Chris
Oakridge Valentine, Trey   Palmetto Willcox, Cole
Oakridge Van Horn, David   Palmetto Willett, Cole
Oakridge Vansickle, Michael   Palmetto Williamson, Travis
Oakridge Webb, Adam   Palmetto Wilson, Chris
Oakridge White, Chandler   Palmetto Wolfes, Scott
Oakridge Wilkes, Jack   Palmetto Woodall, Bruce
Oakridge Wolfe, Jared   Palmetto Wyatt, Bobby
Oakridge Zaback, Zach   Palmetto Young, Nathan
Oakridge Zalatoris, Will   Palmetto Zakutney, Matthew

ON-LINE ENTRIES ONLY......Telephone entries will NOT be accepted.


The Savannah Golf Championship Qualifier will be conducted on two courses with two separate fields. Upon the close of the entry deadline players will be notified which course they will be playing. Course assignments will be done at random.



The qualifier will be played on both the Oakridge & Palmetto courses at the Landings Club.


Play will be 18-holes of stroke play.


For Tour events, the number of players advancing is normally twelve. To the extent possible, hole-by-hole playoffs for qualifying positions shall be conducted immediately following the completion of qualifying competition play. If multiple sites are required, playoffs for the specified number of spots shall be conducted at each site. In no case will a playoff be decided by any other means than a hole-by-hole playoff, even if this means continuing the playoff on the next day.


Upon approval by the on-site PGA TOUR Rules Official or designee of the Open Qualifying site round scores and prior to starting a hole by hole playoff, contestants that earn a qualifying position are in the field of the above named tournament. In the event of a tie for the last Open Qualifying position, a separate hole-by-hole playoff competition will be conducted to determine the player(s) that will earn the remaining qualifying position(s) for the above named tournament. 


Prior to the approval of the round scores at an Open Qualifying site, an Open Qualifying contestant who gains entry into the field of the above named tournament shall be removed from the Open Qualifying competition, even if the player has completed his Open Qualifying round and returned his scorecard.


A contestant competing in an Open Qualifying hole-by-hole playoff that gains a position in the field via the alternate list of the above named tournament shall be removed from the hole-by- hole playoff.


A contestant competing in an Open Qualifying hole-by-hole playoff that earns an Open Qualifying position is in the field of the above named tournament and is removed from the alternate list.

Entry Deadline
Entries must be received at the PGA Section office by 5:00pm (local time) on the Wednesday (March 21, 2018) preceding the Open Qualifying competition, except for Tour, PGA TOUR and PGA TOUR Champions Regular Members, for which the deadline is 5:00 pm local time on the Friday (March 23, 2018)preceding the Open Qualifying.  Entries late or incomplete are not acceptable. 
Telephone entries will NOT be accepted.  
The PGA Section is not responsible for rejected credit cards
Entry Fees
The Open Qualifier entry fee is set by the Tour from time to time.  The entry fee for the Open Qualifier is: 
(a) $100 for Tour members, PGA TOUR Champions regular members and PGA TOUR members.
(b) $300 for PGA TOUR Latinoamérica members, Mackenzie Tour-PGA TOUR Canada members and PGA TOUR China members
(c) $450 for all other entrants.
Professionals and Amateurs with a handicap index when applied to the qualifying course slope will generate a handicap of two (2) or less.  The Tour reserves the right to verify the handicap index of amateurs and to refuse anyone not meeting the requirements.
Starting Times
Starting times will be available after 8:00 am on the Saturday preceding the Open Qualifying competition at:  The Section office; the host facilities; or on the web at the address listed above.  Starting times and groupings are made at the discretion of the PGA Section and Tour and specific requests will not be granted.
Applicants must withdraw prior to the entry deadline (5:00 pm Wednesday, March 21) to be eligible for an entry fee refund. Other refunds will be given only in the case of injury or other disability which requires medical attention, serious personal emergency, if the player becomes eligible for a Tour or PGA TOUR event, or any other situation covered by the Tour Tournament Regulations.  No other refunds will be given.
Contestants who withdraw during the round may be subject to disciplinary action.
Practice Rounds
Practice rounds must be arranged with host facilities.  Practice round fees are at the discretion of the host facilities.
Rules of Golf
Play shall be governed in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the United States Golf Association, as modified by the Tour Local Rules and Conditions of Competition card and supplemented by the Notice to Competitors.  Questions or disputes (including equipment rulings) shall be settled by the on site Rules Committee appointed by the PGA TOUR, whose decision shall be final.
Distance Measuring Devices
Distance measuring devices are permitted in Open Qualifying.
Groove Specifications
Open Qualifying contestants MUST use equipment which conforms to the Condition of Competition for Groove Specifications as implemented in the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour and Tour Local Rules and Conditions of Competition (Hard Card).  The complete specifications for grooves in elite competitions along with a public database listing conformity of many clubs can be found at (click on Equipment > Conforming Lists > Informational Club Database) or by contacting the USGA Equipment Standards Department at (908) 234-2300.  Players should confirm that their equipment conforms to the new specifications well in advance of the competition and should be aware that conforming equipment must be used in Open Qualifying.
If, before the competition, a player has doubt as to the conformity of a club, PGA Section officials will attempt to determine the status of the club(s), but play will not be delayed in doing so.  There will be no on-site field testing for groove conformity at Open Qualifying.  If the club(s) in question is not listed on the public database listing conformity of clubs, the club shall not be used in the competition.
In the event that it is discovered that a player’s club(s) do not conform after the close of the competition, the provisions of Rule 34 of the Rules of Golf shall apply.
Spike Policy
The use of traditional metal spikes is permitted during the Competition.  Soft spikes may be required during practice rounds at the discretion of the host facilities.
Players and Caddies shall walk at all times during qualifying rounds, except when permitted to ride by the Rules Committee.  Players are not required to have a caddie; they may carry their clubs or use a manual or motorized pull cart. 
Anyone seeking a golf cart due to a disability defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) should contact the PGA TOUR Competition Department at 904/285-3700 to obtain information on procedures for submitting such requests.  All such request due to temporary injuries or impairments that do not qualify as a “disability” under the ADA will not be granted.
Players:  While on the host facility property, players shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming.  Blue jeans, shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn.
Caddies:  While on the host facility property, caddies may wear either long pants or tailored solid colored knee length shorts or skorts.  Blue jeans, cutoffs, T-shirts or shirts with no collar shall not be worn.  Smooth rubber sole shoes are required. Sandals, open toe shoes, and golf shoes with traditional metal or soft spikes are prohibited.
While on host facility property during qualifying rounds; players and caddies shall conduct themselves in a professional manner.  PGA TOUR reserves the right to remove a player from the qualifying competition for; non competitiveness; conduct unbecoming a professional by the player; conduct unbecoming a professional by the players’ caddie. 
Reduction or Cancellation
Any reduction or cancellation in the respective qualifying competition shall be in accordance with Reduction/Cancellation Guidelines as found in the Tour Tournament Regulations.  In the event that the competition is canceled without any player having been able to play, all entry fees will be refunded.  In the event the competition is canceled after play has begun, all entry fees will be refunded, minus a $25 administrative charge per player.
If in the judgment of the on-site PGA TOUR Rules Official or designee, whose decision shall be final, conditions render commencement or continuation of tournament play inadvisable, play shall be postponed until such time as the PGA TOUR Rules Official or designee determines that such weather conditions or other occurrences or conditions have improved sufficiently for play to commence or resume.
In situations involving adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence or condition, our first priority is the completion of the qualifying competition.  Every effort will be made to achieve this objective by the end of the scheduled competition day.
In the event the qualifying competition cannot be completed by the end of the scheduled competitive day, play will be extended.  Every effort will be made to complete the qualifying competition as soon as possible.  The Open Qualifying competition will not continue beyond the end of the day immediately preceding the first scheduled tournament round of the competition.  In the event one or more of the 18-hole Open Qualifying contestants cannot be identified, those qualifying spots will be filled by the next available players on the Tour Alternate List.
PGA TOUR Reserves the right to change the format, venue(s), qualifying spots and other criteria as presently contemplated.  In such cases, the decision of the on-site PGA TOUR Official in charge shall be final.