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The Legends

Giving Back

The Georgia PGA Foundation was founded in 1974 with support from both the GSGA and the Georgia PGA in Memoriam of Robert T. Jones. The Foundation's mission is to introduce and engage individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to the game of golf by providing instruction, education and playing opportunities. The Georgia PGA Foundation will impact and enhance the lives of individuals utilizing the game of golf-- a gift for a lifetime. The Foundation will achieve its vision and mission through fundraising programs and golf programming targeted to enhance individuals' lives and better communities.

Developed in 2008, the new license plate program will help to promote Georgia's thriving Golf Industry and to help the Georgia PGA Foundation establish a golf grant program that would benefit individuals and also youth golf programs throughout Georgia. The Georgia PGA Foundation Junior Golf Grant Programs are designed to assist individuals and organizations in the State of Georgia for the benefit of youth, introduce young people to golf, instruct young people in golf, teach the values of golf, and stress life skills, fair play, courtesy, and self-discipline. Additionally, the Grant Programs are intended to help individuals and organizations that provide junior golf programs that serve economically disadvantaged youth, children with special needs and the general population.

Individual Grants Endowed In Memory of Ed Hoard

The Georgia PGA Foundation is proud to sponsor another young golfer in honor of one of our past Presidents and favorite friend to all of golf, Mr. Ed Hoard. We are awarding a $1000 scholarship to be used for entryships to junior golf tournaments in the state of Georgia. More information to come.

Click here to view available scholarship opportunities for juniors.